Since 2009
Join us while we explore the outdoors.
Beaver Bank ATV Club
  1. Outdoor Adventures
    Outdoor Adventures
    Enjoy the outdoors with some friends, plan a run, have some fun
  2. Club Runs
    Club Runs
    Monthly fun runs, opportunities to meet new people and learn new trails
  3. Enjoy The Outdoors
    Enjoy The Outdoors
    Just get outside, go for a run, enjoy nature, make memories with family and friends.
  4. Friends
    Anytime you're out wheeling, you will always need your friends. They will NEVER let you forget when you needed them though :)
  5. Explore the Province
    Explore the Province
    There are trails all over the province of NS, join a club and learn new trails
Join us while we explore the outdoors.
Enjoy a day of outdoor fun with our trained drivers and special sport equipment.